Love Spell to Make a Lover Want You Sexually

This is a powerful spell for passion, attraction and sexual desire. It is a great tool for those who would like to spice up their love lives with the heat of sex. With this sex desire spell, you will never feel the need to use  drugs or pills in order to feel corporeal, or get an operation to enlarge your breasts or transform something on your face. All you want, you can do with magic and practice, especially practice.  Today, I will explain how to make an easy sex desire spell. This spell will help you get the pleasure in sex with your partner who is accretive. Normally, the home sex desire spell is used to multiply the desire and the level of sexual activity.

The ingredients needed to make the sex desire spell are:

  • red candle
  • Incense
  • Photo of the person concerned.
  1. How is this sex desire spell cast?

Hold the photo of your man, light the incense you selected and then turn on the red candle. Concentrate on that picture and pronounces the following words:

“Goddess of love,

Grant me my greatest desire,

Let me feel the heat,

when the two of us are together ”

Burn the photo of your lover using the flame of the red candle.

Invoke any goddess of your choice, but make up your mind by choosing a deity representing love, sex, pleasure or female body, and it will work better. You can also decide to invoke God a man and woman together in the same spell, so that the male-female connection is strengthened.

As a tip, do not do this spell for selfishness, if so, it will be unwise for you. Usually there is always a bit of selfishness in any ritual of this kind, but always be cautious not to allow selfish whims to override the whole framework of this easy sex desire spell.

sex desire spell

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