reconciliation spell hoodoo


Reconciliation spell hoodoo is the best ritual to establish an breakable bond between you and your partner. Imagine you have been in this heavy fight with your partner and it was breaking your relationship apart. I will never allow you to reach that stage of anger again.

Secondly my reconciliation spell hoodoo will create a powerful bond between you and your partner in your love life. I promise you will never fight again or if you did it will always  be simple and easily forgotten.


Sometimes we all need a back of anything in life, this means that a reconciliation spell will work as a back up in your family. you will stop acting childish in your relationship.That is you and your partner will be together like magnets. 

Imagine keeping your love life like when you met each other, walking hands together hand in hand, going to the beach together, watching movies together and doing every thing together again. but this will never happen if you do not use my powerful reconciliation spell.

More still remember hoodoo uses magic which keeps you and your partner  stay connected in a very strong bond like never seen before. He/she will never want to miss a hour without knowing what you are doing or what you are up to.


After a period of non communication with your partner, pick the following materials:

  •  his/her pictures,
  • doll 
  • 4 candles
  • ribons and pins.

 Begin casting this spell. similarly on the night of full moonlight your fast two candles very well and then encircle them with the picture of your lover whom you had an argument with. call on the spirits as you tie the picture of  your lover on the doll.

More to that for this spell to be effective pin the picture of your lover on the doll and then tie it with ribbons as you call on the gods so that they tie you together for eternity. do this for 3 days and wait for my other order.you will begin seeing changes soon. call me if its not working well so that I help you do this spell.


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