onion love spell to make him come back



Hi there! The biggest mistake is letting your lover go if you truly loved him/her,use onion spell to make him come back. Onions are commonly used in the practise of hoodoo magic .It helps you expand spiritually and do intensely practical things like protection for negative influence.Look its strong effect when in your eyes,now imagine if I mix it with powerful combination of black magic.

Onion spell to make him come back uses that potent smell which makes many people turn away from it when cut into pieces. Mix it with my powerful black magic your ex will come back crying for you.Bring back love and affection in your relationship fast with my onion spell to make him come back.

Onion spell to make him come back fast

Have you been lonely and crying a lot because of the breakup.I recommend you to do this onion spell to make every thing work again. you will need these simple house hold ingredients to perform it;

1 medium red onion

small knife and piece of paper

a drawing board

Further more when performing this ritual pick a medium size onion, use a knife and then cut a piece inside the onion. write names of your ex, fold the paper and then put it inside the onion. cover it up with the piece you removed.start saying the following spell:

” may the powerful aura of this spell of magic help me make you come back

I let you know that I have been crying, think of me ,

ask me to forgive you so be it”

To sum it up onion spell to make him come back is going to bring your ex crying for forgiveness,powerful scents will haunt him/her.throw it some where safe until after three days after performing this ritual.in case of anything call me so that I help you just in case your ex runs crazy over you after you casting this ritual.




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