Magical Correspondences

What Makes a Love Spell to Work? Magical Correspondences.

If this is the first time you are reading about magical correspondences. Then it is worth knowing that for a love spell or any other spell to be effective there must not only be a clearly “printed” desire but power is equally necessary.  Some details are very important in magical correspondences. You must know what magic works during a particular moon phase, what magic is best to practice during the full moon or the new moon and what days of the week are best for any kind of magic.

The first thing that determines the effectiveness of a love spell is the moon phase

One of the most important elements in terms of magical correspondences is to consider the moon phase while planning to cast a love spell or any other kind of spell. There are several moon phases, ranging from the crescent moon top full moon. These moon phases also have corresponding spells that should be cast during a particular moon phase. Love spells also have a particular moon, so do protection spells and other types. This is why knowledge about magical correspondences is very useful.

Do not also ignore the day particular day of the week. Every day is loaded with its own magic

On the other hand, another key detail that can be very useful in spell casting. Is the day of the week when it is to be done. To give you an example, the most appropriate day of week to make a spell to banish a bad habit is on Saturday which is ruled by Saturn. I hope this knowledge about magical correspondences will help you in the spell casting process. If you would like to cast a love spell to attract a lover, bring prosperity, win back love, improve luck, for protection or for healing; feel free to contact me now.

magical correspondences 

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