Easy but Powerful Spell to Break a Spell

How to break a spell. If you feel that you have had a spell cast upon you, this ritual is perfect to break it. Everyone is never safe, especially if they are doing well economically or politically. There are envious people out there who might want to plot your downfall.  Once a black magic spell is cast on you, its effects are usually overwhelming. However, by learning how  to break a spell using this simple but powerful spell to break a spell, you will bring all the effects of that spell to an end.

The ritual takes seven days to complete and should start on Saturday evening, just before midnight.

To know how to break a spell you will need:

• Three candles (any colour, but white or natural beeswax is the best)

• An incense cone (incense works best)

• A piece of black clay

How to Break a Spell

Mould the black clay into a small flat disk or bowl and place the incense cone in the centre. Light the incense and wait for the smoke to begin to rise. Then light each candle and place them around the incense to form a triangle. Visualize the forces of the spell that is bothering you. Summon the spirits of the Seven Winds, saying:

Spirits of the Seven Winds,

I beg you

Arise against this evil,

Purge it by the fire,

Purify and clean,

Remove it of your own volition,

So be it!

Extinguish the incense, or let it burn. This must be repeated for seven consecutive nights for the spell to break.

This spell is designed for beginners din the world of magic 

I hope you have already learnt how to break a spell. It is just a matter of time before you are set free from the effects of that spell. However, if you feel that you can never do it by yourself, contact me so that I can help you do it.


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