Free Spells to Make My Husband Obey Me

The free spells to make my husband obey me is a ritual of witchcraft that is cast to help you to gain control over another individual or have power over them. This type of spell can be justified from your own person depending on the purposes that you propose. Home domination spells are rituals necessary for those who practice witchcraft.

Why should you cast this spell?

The truth is that there are morally accepted cases that allow the use of this spell. For example: a person who behaves very well with others and is very friendly, will be more prone to abuse and that is why in this case the free spells to make my husband obey me are necessary. For example, in a hostile work environment in which the chief exercises a exceeded when you want to control an enemy, an unfaithful husband or a couple who do not treat children of your spouse.

Please note, you can have better results if you “kill with kindness” instead of deciding for domination by force.

What is this free spells to make my husband obey me for?

This free spells to make my husband obey me serves to get the man to come to you, obey you and feel dominated by you. You can also do it on a woman.

You need the following list of things to do it:

  • Some articles or piece of cloth belonging to your loved one
  • A silver spoon
  • Tissue
  • Cinnamon oil or sandalwood.
  • One of your own articles
How to cast this free spells to make my husband obey me

Go to the backyard of your home or laundry. Head to the direction in which your man usually likes sitting. Sit down and think about him. Meditate about your beloved being fully dominated and obeying everything command of yours. Make a hole in the ground using the spoon that is at least 3 cm in depth. Wrap your articles and the personal objects of your lover in the tissue paper and continue thinking about your lover being dominated.

Repeat for the following incantation with his name too.

“I want you …(name)… to obey me”, “You should do what I command you.”

Put the paper into the hole and add cinnamon or sandalwood. Cover the hole up and stand behind the direction of your man. Think of him as being behind you, and again repeated the above words. This is the end of this free spells to make my husband obey me.

free spells to make my husband obey me


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