Break a Spell Cast on You

If you have discovered that you are under the influence of a love spell, it is crucial to eliminate its influence as soon as possible. You can break a spell put on you by someone. In these cases, it is important to differentiate between eliminating the influence of a spell and eliminating the spell itself. I will explain the difference.  The cleaning of a spell will nullify its influence, at least temporarily. However, when that is done, it remains present but its consequences are not present.

What simile can I use to illustrate this?

The most adequate simile to understand the effect of cleaning a love spell is that of an infection in a molar and an analgesic. Taking the painkiller will stop it from hurting you, but the problem will still remain present. With the cleaning of a love spell, something similar happens. The effects of the spell will be neutralized for a while, but in the long run, if you do nothing else that influence will return. You can break a spell put on you by someone

With this spell, all the external influences will be removed

The easiest way to clean a love spell is to perform an aura cleaning focused on eliminating any external influences. However, cleaning a love spell is not a solution. But it is a patch that will release you for a while from the effect of the spell until a person with sufficient esoteric knowledge is able to nullify that dark spell.

You can break a spell someone put on you by using my banishing spells

Despite the pressure that you can feel by the spell. It is fundamental to abstract from everything that surrounds you and from any influence to make the aura cleaning correctly. If you would like to break a spell cast on you, you must use a white candle instead of incense. The white candle has greater capacity to absorb the negative energy fruit of an external work, the incense candle is used for the negative energy that is generated in our interior and in this case is not the most indicated.

break a spell cast on you


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