Spell of Love to Ward off Evil

This black magic spells is cast so that gypsy witchcraft does not affect your relationship. There are many people who seek to break the love of two people. To avoid this, resort to this spell so that gypsy witchcraft does not affect your relationship. example, if you walk down the street and a gypsy crosses your path you can attack. Yes, and everyone knows the usurer and spiteful character of the gypsies. Their quick thoughts and eyes run on you in search of gold or money jewels. And if you ever refused to give them your hand for a reading, you probably received more than one curse.
This curse is always aimed at breaking a love relationship.
But, do not worry, the curse of the gypsies is very feared and many people prefer to give their belongings in order to remove such a curse. Here we present a very powerful black magic spells to protect your love relationship.

For this black magic spells to ward off evil, you will need:

Jasmine oil and almond oil
Seven lemons cut in half.
As well as seven white candles
And a jasmine stick
After getting these ingredients filled in the tub, light the candles by the water and caress your body with oils. A fixed idea must circulate your mind: it is you, the one you are touching and these oils clean you and protect you from anything that comes from outside. Immerse yourself in the water and rest for the purity of the water, the reflected light and nothing more. Squeeze the lemons gently into a separate bowl. Dip in the juice a soft cloth and pass it by your arms, legs, torso and face.
Finish the bathroom as you get used to.
And before putting out the candles, pray the following prayer, dedicating all your faith to each of these words.
Free me, rescue me, incline to me your ear and save me
A refuge is for me, a fortified city in which it saves me
Take me out of the hands of the evil man, out of the clutches of the wicked
Defend me from the evil, I always wait on you.

If you would like to know more about this black magic spells for protection of loved ones, contact me now.

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