Have you heard about bath ritual spell ? have you taken time to learn about witches spell ? the purpose of the ritual cleansing bath is to prepare your, body ,mind and soul for ritual or spiritual work.This is a sacred event to cleanse the whole of your body and soul from any negative energies which mighty be stopping you from achieving the best for you. cleansing awakens the body and mind. You add salt in the mix for preparation of this ritual its reaches beyond the physical human being.

Further more its important that the purpose of the bath ritual spell is to cleanse your self inside and out.After performing this birth ritual spell your body will be at mind will be at its greatest level of positive thinking, whatever your mind comes across will be successful.your inner being will be calm and will possess a lot of powerful energies.


To perform this powerful bath ritual spell you will need the following ingredients;

  • salt water
  • natural herbs
  • rose and jasmine petals
  • soda bicarbonate

First you need to take a nice warm shower, shampoo you hair well, and and scrub your body vigorously.Use my natural herbs I will be providing you with, pour soda bicarbonate in the basin and then start cleansing your body slowly. Slowly take time in this warm water bath to mediate with your spirits.This will allow your pours to open and allow the magical herbs to soak and cleanse.

There are number of benefits you can get if you use my bath ritual spell for cleansing ;

  • These powerful bath ritual spell will protect you and your family from evil spirits.
  • Bath ritual spell spell will increase love in your relationship.
  • Feeling of calmness will be aroused in your body and soul.

Do not hesitate to call me so that I cleanse your soul, body and mind.





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