An ancient  greek goddess of love,beauty, pleasure and procreation. Aphrodite new moon love spell, uses the powersful energies from new moon and the powers of goddess to increase love in your relationship. Do you feel that love  has declined in your relationship? is your partner acting strange lately ?, is there lack of communication in your marriage ?, do want all this to end right away. Welcome to dr sudhir the most powerful spell caster of all races I will change your love life again.

On a serious note Aphrodite new moon love spell can be used as a marriage spell once you call upon the goddess of love and harmony can come back in your marriage.its a simple but a powerful spell and it can be used in situation where you doubt the feeling of love if it still exists in your partner.


Caution;when casting this powerful you will need my guidance and ingredients which can range from things found in nature to man made materials.on Friday of the full moon start performing this ritual, faith is an important element to make this ritual to work.you need to belief in its powers. Another important element is the intentions itself ,only when the intention of the spell is clear then clear results are guaranteed.

The principle of Aphrodite new moon love spell is to materialise and connect to the spiritual world by using your own discernment of the spirits. light up a red candle and let it burn for while, focus on your desire to increase love in your relationship/marriage. write down the list of things you want your lover to do for you then chant this words ;

” in love I believe so help me goddess of love

let love manifest back into my life back,

Dear universe bring the love that I seek,

Goddess Aphrodite I now call your name please make my partner love me strongly again.”

Repeat this ritual as many times as you wish until you see changes from your partner.but still contact me now so I help you revitalise your life forever.




I cast love spells that work effectively, mending broken marriages, bringing back lost love. I also cast healthy spells, money spells. For more information about these spells email or call me directly.

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